Crypto Nature

“Teaching to take care of the environment is to teach to take care of life”

Our life is highly dependent on natural resources. Much of the things that we see around us are made in one way or another with materials that have been extracted from nature. We all know that technological advance is not going to stop, but given that the same technological advance also depends to a great extent on natural resources, it is essential for all of us to be a more environmentally friendly society, where we can take advantage of resources and take care of them. Similarly. Part of this is what we seek to achieve with the Oxygen project, to reforest, protect and preserve nature as a measure that counteracts the energy consumption and production of CO2 that is generated in the Crypto world.

“This is not about which industry spends more energy or produces more CO2, it is about that the Crypto world can do better, with a view to a more environmentally friendly balance.”